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  • PFERD – Chain Saw Sharpener CHAIN SHARP CS-X

    The Chain Sharp CS-X chainsaw sharpening file from PFERD INC assures optimum sharpening results with every use and guarantees a longer durability and use of the chain saw when used regularly. This tool features improved file position for easy right-angle cutting, optimized shape for easy handling, and files to sharpen both the chain and rakers at the same time. The tool is available in four types, each of which is adapted to various chain pitches. This guarantees the highest degree of precision and optimum sharpening result on a variety of applications while sharpening the saw tooth and maintaining depth gauge in one easy operation.

    Chain Sharp CS-X is designed for user comfort and consistency, with symbols and arrows directing proper use for novice users and a design that assures you get the correct angles every time. When you want to switch from sharpening left teeth to right teeth, simply flip the CS-X over. No more time consuming conversions!

    Manual sharpening saves cost, is economical and goes much easier on material than mechanical sharpening. Choose PFERD’s Chain Sharp CS-X sharpening file for your application and extend the life and effectiveness of your chainsaw.

    • Comes complete with files and instructions.
    • Standard round files work with this guide.
    • Will not work on skip-tooth or safety chain
    • Detailed CS-X review by Tim Ard of Forest Applications Training
    • Source:  Germany

    For full product brochure, follow this link:


    “The innovative PFERD CHAIN SHARP CS-X is an ideal solution for hand sharpening saw chains. With each file stroke, the CS-X sharpens the saw tooth and maintains the height of the depth gauge.

    Hand sharpening is economical and much easier on the chain than mechanical sharpening. Sharpening with CHAIN SHARP CS-X guarantees higher durability and service life of the saw chain.


    ■ No time-consuming conversion, changing from left to right tooth by flipping the device.
    ■ Round and flat files are accessible through a hinged opening in the side of the handle for fast and simple changes when worn.
    ■ The file design prevents incorrect file fitting.
    ■ Symbols for saw and saw tooth, and arrows for file direction guide correct tool use.

    Each CHAIN SHARP CS-X chain saw sharpener consists of the following:
    ■ Sharpening device,
    ■ Depth gauge file and
    ■ 2 chain saw files.

    Available in four different types. Chain saw sharpeners come in a self-service pouch, complete with detailed instructions.”

    For more information: www.pferdusa.com

  • Silvana Gets Rave Reviews For New ‘Triplematic’ Saw Chain Sharpener

    You may already have heard about the Triplematic Automatic Chain Sharpener, Silvana’s newest member of the much-admired family of saw chain sharpeners from Markusson introduced just last fall. The Triplematic has met with rave reviews from early customers, and here’s a few reasons why:

    • It’s so easy to use – just set and start
    • It frees up more time – sharpening the cutting edge, gullet and raker in just one cycle
    • It allows faster cutting – increasing possible chain speed through unique gullet sharpening
    • The chain sharpens sharper than new and without overheated blue teeth
    • It handles stiff chains with its new tensioning system
    • It pays back your investment in next to no time

    The NEW Triplematic builds on the successes of the super-efficient Grindomatic V12—renowned among shop owners and contractors alike for its workhorse reliability and ease of operation—and last year’s new entry, the 3/4″ chain specialist Combimatic. The Triplematic is an even more efficient fully-automatic saw chain sharpening machine, and the only one of its kind which grinds the cutting link at three key points—cutting edge, raker, and gullet. The result is a razor sharp and faster cutting chain.


    Additionally, the Triplematic is a potential profit-centre for shop owners too, able to effortlessly and tirelessly sharpen chains like never before for their customers, and with the absolute minimum of supervision. This has very much been the case with the Grindomatic V12.


    The new Triplematic is value-packed with standard equipment, features and innovations that include a stand, link counter, 110V to 12V converter pack, and a unique new air-powered system to stretch the chain for absolute precision sharpening. See it in action on our website at www.silvanatrading.com

    From what we’ve heard from our customers so far, and from those who’ve paid considerably more for lesser machines in the past, it’s the ultimate in chain-sharpening technology today. The Triplematic is engineered to perform, built to last, and priced to repay the investment many times over its extended service life. And we back it up with a guarantee and service promise you can count on, 100%.

    Connect with Silvana for more details on the NEW Triplematic, the Grindomatic V12 and Combimatic robot saw sharpeners, or for glowing case studies and stories from extremely satisfied customers.
    Toll-free: 1 888 939-3523 Tel: 514 939-3523 Fax: 514 939-3863 Email: info@silvanatrading.com

  • Grindomatic V12 Robot Saw Chain Sharpener

    The Grindomatic V12 robot saw chain sharpener— a must for every sharpening shop… Read More


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